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Hi I’m Jackie. I wrote a long “about me” when I first started this blog that included my health history. You can see that here.

Long story short…I had Ulcerative Colitis that was medication resistant. I had my colon removed and a jpouch created over the course of 4 surgeries. You can read about those, here, here, here, and here. I have also categorized my blog by which surgery I was anticipating, so you can see the categories on the right side which let you filter by the surgery. Fancy, huh?

Another fun fact…I have multiple sclerosis too. Its pretty dormant these days, but something else you should know about me. I’m an auto-immune all-star.

Fun fact #2 – Asacol gave me a heart problem, and I had to have surgery around my heart. This was my first colitis related surgery.

Since I started this blog over 2 years ago now my life has become consumed with advocacy and raising awareness. I eat, breathe, and poop it. I am here to help, so please send me your questions, comments, hate mail…whatever. I found when I started this blog there weren’t a lot of other jpouchers out there willing to give the true story about their lives with a jpouch and an ostomy. I however have no problem making a fool of myself on the internet to help others. Call it my gift to the world.

I believe that through education, community and a lot of laughs we can all come out on the other side of IBD and surgery as better people. I know I did. Today, I am happy, healthy, and so thankful that I have this blog to share my life and experiences with other people.

Since starting this blog, I have met some amazing people around the country through IBD related blogs, forums, and events. I am a camp counselor at Camp Oasis, which is a camp for kids with IBD. Please check it out if you have a child with IBD, it is life altering for everyone involved.

I am a founder of the Girls With Guts website. We aim to provide a community to help girls with IBD find strength and community. Our goal is to teach every girl that she can give IBD the finger and live her life with sass and confidence.

Also why on earth would I title my blog Blood, Poop, & Tears? If you have colitis or crohns, you already know. If you don’t have an Inflammatory Bowel Disease(IBD) well, not only are you missing out on having bloody poop, but you’re also missing out on the emotional roller coaster and humiliation that accompanies it. I personally felt the title pretty much summed up my life quite nicely.

I am currently working on knocking out the items on my 30 before 30 list!

Also if you’re interested in my shirt in this picture, it says “Ask me about my j-pouch”. And I hope that you do. If you think this shirt is as rad as I do, head over to The Great Bowel Movement and get one of your own!

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