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I shit someone else’s bed

Well the title just about says it all, doesn’t it? Ugh. You guys. I’ve recently started seeing someone new. Someone who I really care about who is so great in so many ways and I just want to gush and gush and throw out smiley emoticons because that’s how I feel. So life is great, […]

My adventures in dating

So I’m dating. Well, I started dating. Let me rewind. Dating is a HUGE topic in our community because there is a lot of fear around disclosure and acceptance. In the past I’ve written about dating and my opinions, but I have never actually dated since I was diagnosed with IBD. So all of my […]

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Its raining cats and bowel problems

Something is off in the IBD universe right now and I don’t know why, but I don’t like it. Many of my close friends have been sent to the ER and had hospitals stays for blockages, fistulas and a lot of dehydration. So I’ll preface this with, srsly people. Take care of yourselves. We all […]

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REMINDER: You’re still sick.

I posted on the BPT facebook page earlier last week that I had pouchitis and that I was taking Flagyl for it. Well…I got cocky. I felt better within a few days and like a total dumb ass stopped taking the Flagyl after only about 5 days, only half of the recommended course. In the past this has worked for me, however I […]

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Job Hunting and Jpouching – pt 2

Also…I live in Michigan, where the job market is coming back but still isn’t particularly strong. Before I graduated you could often find me talking to my co-workers at school having mini mental breakdowns about how I’d pay bills and how I’d never find a job. A week before I graduated I was approached by […]

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