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Eatin’ Paleo

I made the choice about 2 weeks ago to switch to a Paleo diet. Since diet is such a common topic among my Butt Buddies I figured I’d let you in on what I’ve been doing. So here are the basics. What is Paleo? Paleo is also known as the “caveman” diet which basically means you only […]

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My Ostomy Journey

Today is World Ostomy Day, and it has brought up some interesting emotions and realizations for me. I want to share some things with you. Intimate thoughts, and unflattering pictures. That picture is me before my first surgery. Very sick. Very overweight from steroids. Very scared. Very VERY horrified I’d have to have an ostomy. VERY embarrassed […]

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At camp oasis

Hey everyone just wanted to make sure you all knew I’m at camp so I won’t be responding to emails as comments! I’ll get you when I get home!

An informative rant

You know what pisses me off? Well theres a myriad of things but if I were to pick one to focus this post around it would be…this phrase, “Isn’t a jpouch a cure for colitis?”. There is such a lack of education in that sentence and frankly it’s not the patients fault. I have heard […]

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My heart hurts

I’m sure many of you have read about this horrible man who sewed his son’s butt closed after developing a fistula. His son is 14 years old and has Crohn’s. I am so saddened by this. It absolutely breaks my heart. I don’t know this boy, but I really wish I did. I wish I […]

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