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If peeing your pants is cool, consider me Miles Davis!

Ok, maybe not quite. But who doesn’t love a good Billy Madison quote? Self admittedly, we are a people obsessed with poop. That’s right, I just called us a people. Add it to the census questionnaires. But I digress. So yes, poop obsessed people. And who can blame us? It controlled our life, and to […]

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Cliches are stupid. That’s right, I said stupid.

I had this whole long post written about this Wego prompt, “you think you know, but you have no idea”. No, really, I did. But who wants to read about me going on and on after you’ve already read Jackie’s. (SPOILER ALERT: She talks about stomas and puppies in the same post. Freak.) So open […]

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The Silent Killer

I know my first post was fun and sarcastic, but I write this post with a heavy-heart; so I apologize in advance if I kill the mood. This post is not male specific, nor is it IBD specific; but I know it is going to apply to many of you anyways. Let’s just get to […]

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Guys Have Pouches Too

While I may be willing to spill my guts out onto this blog to help j-pouchers of the world, the one thing I really can’t do is speak from a male perspective. So Internet, I present to you Guy J. Pouch. Don’t worry about who he is, (I do promise you that he is in […]

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