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Lucky Lass

Today is the day before my surgery. I’ve already had my last meal, all of my appointments and yadda yadda. Since I’ll be in surgery for St. Patrick’s Day, I wore my “Lucky Lass” shirt today for all of my appointments. I would say it wasn’t very lucky because for the first time ever the […]

Dad to the Rescue

In August of 1992 I was 8 and a half years old. Hurricane Andrew had just hit Florida and the rest of the nation watched in shock. My father owned a new business here in Michigan, where he ran Bobcat machines, and could do disaster removal. His small company was hired to help with the […]

Guilty McGuilterson

As a “sick” person, I have had to rely on friends and family A LOT. Way more than my comfort zone allows, and my pride permits. But regardless I’ve had to learn to suck it up. While ALL of the help and supportis amazing, I get left with this sense of guilt. Guilt perks its […] Land

After a really long time of being an ostomate, I stumbled upon I was like “oh hey, I could meet some others, who know maybe even help some people down in the dumps”. Yea…not so much. The first thing I noticed about this website was the structure and function of it, is HORRIBLE. I […]

Fatty on the Inside

Pardon my myspace-esque picture. At least I didn’t take it in a mirror. Also there are no duck lips or peace signs, so cut me a break. This weight loss thing. Ugh I’m sure you’re all tired of hearing me talk about it, but its an obsession at this point really. I made a chart […]

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