Healing Ulcers

You guys remember that awful ulcer I had, if you don’t, don’t worry because I’m going to post a picture of it below. Well initially the dr.s thought it was pyoderma. They were treating it with steroid injections, then they decided after months that it was not a pyoderma. I tried different dressings, coverings, creams and all sorts of other things for about 4 months. It caused leaks and pain and other misery. I finally got in contact with a WOC nurse here in

Michigan and she gave me another product to try. It was Algisite*M by Smith and Nephew. Its like a fiber kind of, because you rip off parts of it. I would put it in the wound bed so that it laid flush and then cover it with a very thin flexible dressing. Then put my bag over that.

Well, I didn’t have another leak, not to mention that it healed in just a few weeks time. It was AMAZING.

Remember this ugly thing?!

Weeks later.

This is what it looked like after just a few weeks of treating it with the Aligsite. I know there are a million ways to heal ulcers, but this one is the only one that worked for me. If you’ve got one that won’t heal, and your WOC nurses are stumped, don’t be afraid to check with other ones. Its a pain in the butt, but they can be trained differently and have different resources. It might be worth it!

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  1. John Says:

    Hey Jackie – glad that has healed up quite a bit. I only recently became aware of your blog and some other websites dedicated to people with j-pouches. I had mine done 20 years ago now. I still live with some issues – intestinal strictures making it hard to go properly but feeling like I need to go badly, but that’s mostly it. I had no idea there were people like you out there writing about their experiences. It makes me happy to read, knowing I am not alone. Thank you for writing about your experiences.

  2. Jackie Says:

    Hey John! Welcome to the internetz…I have found TONS of people out there like us! And thank goodness because I couldn’t have made it without them. How is your jpouch over all? I think you might have the most mature one I’ve heard of. I’m always nervous that my jpouch will crap out on me in like 15 years, because its still a relatively new surgery and we’re a little unsure of the longevity.

    Hopefully yours is doing well! If you need anything, just holla!

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