ROLLER DERBY!! Hi, I’m fresh meat!

1798595_720999744590854_1576536325_nSo I started roller derby. I know, right?! After much talking and about a million questions to my good friend Christy over at Ostomy on  the Track, I finally decided (after almost 10 years of wishing) that it was time to start training and work towards getting placed on a team.

Can I skate? Yea, kinda.

Can I skate well? Nope.

Do I know anything about Roller Derby? Just that its fun to watch and it looks like it hurts.

Turns out skating when you’re 12 is way different than trying to skate as an adult. I have so much to say about roller derby now that I’ve been training and know a lot more about the sport, but maybe I’ll post about that another day. What I want to talk about now is fatigue and how it correlates to my new hobby.

You guys I’m tired. Like really tired. I went and had my blood work done and of course, it all came back normal. Which is great except that it doesn’t help figure out why I feel this way. I literally go to bed between 8-9pm and sleep the whole night. I’m having a hard time staying awake during the day as it is, now adding derby on to it has made me really nervous. Its got me really asking, “Can I do this?” Like, really.

After practice on Sunday I went home and slept for almost 4 hours. By the time I woke up it was 5pm and I felt like I lost my whole day and it still didn’t stop me from going to bed at 8:30. I’m really hoping that there are just new demands on my body that are making me this tired. I’ve been skating between 2-4 times a week for the last month many of which are late at night. Well, late for me. For “normies” I know generally its a matter of bodies adjusting to more demanding lifestyles that can make them tired and fatigued. But I’m starting to wonder, “Is this my life?” Will I always be this tired? Will I always have a bigger demand for energy than I produce? Which all leads me back to, can I do this? I really don’t know at this point and I may not know for a few weeks or months. But I’m sure as hell going to try. For the first time in a long time, I am excited about something new. A new place to make friends, and friends that aren’t sick. I don’t have to be “sick” when I’m there and the people there don’t know I’m sick. Well, thats because we haven’t had a chance to talk, although I did wear a GWG shirt to practice on Sunday. Derby is refreshing. Its mentally and physically stimulating and it makes me want to challenge myself and to grow into a better skater. Its giving me goals. I want it so bad you guys, and the idea of simply not being able to do it is really scary.

Everyone always says that you shouldn’t say “can’t”, but what if I really can’t do this. How devastating. So here’s to hoping I’m just in an adjustment period.

Do you have any inspiration for me? Was there anything you thought you couldn’t do and instead surprised yourself?


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  1. Judy Says:

    Hey Jackie
    Have you had your vitamin D tested? I was told I was really low, my Doc gave me a three month course of 20,000ml to be taken three times a week for three months. I’m now not tired any more. Could be coincidence but I’m loving the energy. I knew we had to watch out for low B12, but I had no idea Vit D was an issue too. Apparently its not unusual for us sickies to be deficient.

  2. Jackie Says:

    Yup I just had blood work done last week :(

  3. Amanda Says:

    Hang in there & keep pushing. I have a j-pouch & the anxiety that comes with it for me . BUT I have kept off 105lbs , do 45-60 mins cardio 7 days a week & lift heavy 4 days a week. Getting enough protein & water makes a big difference for me. Strength & stamina take time, you’ll get there & be amazed by the results :)

  4. Jackie Says:

    I think I need to start making sure I drink protein afterwards. I dont like to because of the calories but I gotta figure something out.

  5. Leah Sannar Says:

    It’s comforting to know that I’m not the only person struggling with this. I’m sorry you’re having such a hard time, and roller derby sounds like SOOO much fun. It seems like every time I think I’m healthy, my body reminds me that I just can’t do as much as I’d like to do. It makes me absolutely crazy. I think it’s amazing that you are still getting out there and doing what you enjoy and fulfilling your dreams.

    I just recently wrote a post on my blog about how Crohn’s has been taking a physical toll on me… I hope you’ll check it out.

    You’re definitely not alone. :( Keep at it girl.

  6. Hollie B Says:

    I have all the faith in the world that you got this, girl! Look at all you’ve accomplished so far! No doubt it will be hard, but you are such a determined tough cookie…really an inspiration. I’m not sure you know how much you inspire not only myself but lots and lots of others. Go for it and know that I will be rooting for you all the way!

  7. Elys Bank Says:

    I’m so glad we found each other. We are going to skate together someday! I promise! :)

    BTW, try a chocolate milk after practice. Lots of protein and satisfies that post workout sweet tooth. Best. Thing. Ever.

  8. Upsidedown Says:

    WAY TO GO! That is a dream of mine too.
    Even if your vitamin D good you may want to increase
    I have and it helped with my energy

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